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Ohel Sarala has thousands of active pairs- of couples awaiting a child & singles awaiting marriage- each davening for the other. Each person carries the tehillim names in their siddur or in their mind, and the singles contribute money towards their couple's treatment.

With time, the connection grows, the care grows, the interest in one another grows.

Often, a Ohel Sarala girl becomes a kallah and life rushes on into a new world of wedding preparations and the hope for a family soon to come. Soon, the kallah will usher in the Shabbos with her very own candles, in her very own home. And that is a powerful moment.

But what of the kallah's couple, and her desire to share in their dream of parenthood too?

A kallah can now rejoice in their her simcha and give thanks to Hashem by raising funds to cover her couple's treatment. Surrounded by their friends and family, as she lights her first Shabbos candles, the kallah can raise her eyes upwards in thanks and in prayer, and at that same moment, she will facilitate the funds needed to carry her couple through treatment- to a future of building homes, together.
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